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Custom Design

Bringing your vision to life. This piece features 27 grams of 18k solid gold, with 2.5 carat diamonds made custom for for someone by designer Roozbeh.

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Engagement Rings

Crafting Love Stories. Discover our custom-designed engagement rings, meticulously handcrafted to reflect your unique journey. Find your perfect symbol of commitment and create a timeless piece that embodies your individuality.

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One of the rarest and sought-after gems in the world is the emerald. It has become increasingly difficult to find high-quality emeralds and their price is always on the rise. This collection features an excellent quality emerald gems.

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Designer Roozbeh Rastegar

Discover the world of Roozbeh's exquisite jewelry creations. With a remarkable reputation and a collection of prestigious awards, including the Canadian Emerging Artist and the highest GPA recognition from the Canadian Jewellery Association, Roozbeh's designs embody unparalleled artistry and brilliance.

Birthstone Collection

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